Welcome to the 2019-2020 Academic Year!

Dear Honors College Students,

Welcome—and welcome back!


At the start of a new academic year, it’s a great pleasure to see the campus filling up with the energy of new and returning students for another outstanding year at UIC. Here in the Honors College we’ve been working all summer to make sure that this year’s course offerings and programs are both challenging and rewarding. All of us are here to make sure you have the guidance and support to ensure your success.


Ours is a remarkable community in many ways, one in which each student plays an important role. As part of a major university located in the heart of a great city, the Honors College provides opportunities to get involved. Whether it’s in a lab or a neighborhood organization, a classroom or a performance, there’s a chance to benefit from being part of the Honors College and to contribute to the greater good.


Connect! Join a group, get involved, share your strengths and interests with others. Get to know your professors and stay on top of what’s happening here in Burnham Hall. Make the Honors College your home and keep in touch with your advisors. The Honors College is you, the students—so be an active part of it and know that we’re here for your success.


Wishing you a great start to the semester,

Ralph Keen