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Makenzia Jackson’s Welcome Letter

Makenzia Jackson's Welcome Letter Heading link

Photo: Makenzia Jackson

Welcome to the Honors College Friend!

Congratulations on your admission! My name is Makenzia Jackson. I am a junior majoring in Human Development & Learning. I am studying to become a Physician’s Assistant, and I graduate December 2021. I am so appreciative of the Honors College and thankful to be a part of this awesome and encouraging community. The Honors College advisors have made a huge positive impact in my college experience and helping me find my way. They are always very helpful and willing to meet with a student. It is usually very easy to find an appointment time that fits best for you. If I ever had any difficulty scheduling some time, I emailed my advisor and we found a time that worked for both of us immediately. As a freshman and sophomore, I would visit my advisor almost every other week because I was super nervous coming to college and looking for guidance on how to manage all my responsibilities.

Furthermore, I wanted to be involved in extracurricular activities, but I did not know where to look or what activities fit my personality best. When I would reach out to my advisor and faculty fellow, I was able to learn so many opportunities that UIC offers. Because I was given so many options, I was able to find activities and volunteer opportunities that fit my personality and passions. My advisor was also very beneficial in helping me switch majors from Biological Sciences to Human Development & Learning. I was new to computers and navigating websites, but my advisor was there to show me how to find what I needed on the UIC websites.

The Honors College also gave me the opportunity to tutor my peers at UIC. Teaching and mentoring has always been my passion growing up. The Honor’s College gave me the opportunity to enjoy my passion through tutoring. I was able to gain so much experience while tutoring that will help me throughout my life. I feel very safe and comfortable around my advisor and faculty fellow and confide in them when I am having a hard time. The relationships you can build with Honors College staff can benefit you mentally and emotionally. Having an adult who has wisdom and experience with college is comforting for me as a first-generation college student. I found adults I could go to for guidance.

In addition to the amazing advisors and support system the Honors College provides, the core courses that the college provides were some of my favorite classes I ever took at UIC. The materials in the books I read in my core courses were very interesting and discussing the material in class was intriguing.

I am looking forward to hopefully being able to see some of you in Fall 2021. Best of luck in everything you do. Please make sure to reach out to any Honors Ambassador like myself if you have any questions or would just like to get more connected to the Honors College community. Connect with us on the Honors Ambassadors page here.