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Aseal Liqa’s Welcome Letter

Aseal Liqa's Welcome Letter Heading link

Dear Honors College Student,

Congratulations and Welcome to UIC and the Honors College! I know this is an exciting but bittersweet time in your life as you are transitioning from high school and you are looking forward to getting involved, exploring you interests, and enjoying your college experience as much as possible. As you think about what activities you would like to pursue, the Honors College has many resources to help you meet your goals and build on your experiences. One of the best aspects of the Honors College is providing opportunities for students to interact with other Honors College students through a specialized course offered only to Honors College freshman, HON 101.

As a freshman, I took HON 101, the seminar course that many of you will be taking as well, and at the time, upper classmen came in and talked to us about research and other activities they are involved in and how they found their opportunities. I was very interested in research and networking at the time and had the opportunity to pick their brain. Taking their advice, I explored the Honors College announcements, the Undergraduate Research Experience database, and Blackboard. I used the resume I prepared in HON 101 and received helpful tips on how to be a great interviewee from my Honors College advisor. I applied and applied until finally I earned an opportunity. Today, I am a clinical research assistant within the Department of Emergency Medicine at UI Health; I recruit patients for a hypertension study geared towards addressing a health disparity. I get to work with amazing health care providers and be a part of team that helps a lot of patients manage their high blood pressure. Because of the wonderful experiences I had and continue to have, I intend on pursuing a dual degree program, a Medical Degree and Masters in Public Health. I was not always interested in public health, but my experiences inspired to want to pursue a higher education and use those degrees to hopefully one day be able to contribute to bridging the socioeconomic gaps that lie within the healthcare system while, also, impacting patients’ lives in a clinical setting.

Also, HON 101 was the class where I learned about the involvement fair. After attending, I joined a few organizations and over the semesters, I have made great friends who share common goals. I was able to build my network and find other areas of UIC where I could get involved. HON 101 was extremely beneficial to my assimilation at UIC. I could not have come this far without the aid I received in HON 101, communicating with my peers, and working with other Honors College students and staff. My success, in great part, is due to the Honors College and I could not be more grateful. It is a community built on integrity, character, and respect with the goal of supporting every student’s aspirations.

On behalf of the Honors College, we look forward to having you be a part of our community. With that said, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or any of the Honors Ambassadors with any questions, comments, or concerns. Connect with us on the Honors Ambassadors page here.

All the Best,

Aseal Liqa

Honors College Ambassador