Photo of Ambassador – Hernandez, Ale

Ale Hernandez

Honors Ambassador


  • Major (and Minor): Kinesiology (Minor:Psychology)
  • Educational Goal: End goal is to become a Physical Therapist.
  • Year: Senior (spring 2021)
  • Email Address:
  • Hometown: Chicago, IL
  • Housing: Off-campus/ commuter
  • I am a Member of: Honors College, ASAP tutoring, Research on campus, TRIO, 21st Century Neighbors, Fit & Strong
  • A fun fact about me: I came in as Transfer Freshman, and do not regret the change one bit.
  • Ask me about:
    • My College Journey, and how I ended up at UIC?
    • What it means to be first-generation and what resources are available for you?
    • Ask me what my favorite thing about UIC is?
    • Ask me about my favorite events and spots in the city.
    • How I became a chef/baker during quarantine? (Optional: to be funny 😂)