Photo of Ambassador – Teolis, Beija

Beija Teolis

Honors Ambassador


  • Major (and Minor): Integrated Health Studies - Concentration in Health and Science; possible minor in Disability and Human Development
  • Educational Goal: Pre-Pharmacy (GPPA)
  • Year: Junior
  • Email Address:
  • Hometown: Crete, IL
  • Housing: Commuting from home
  • I am a Member of:
    • CHANCE and their TFI tutoring program
    • A new initiative for ostomy patients at UI Health I’m founding!
    • I’m also one of the first fellows in the CanResearch program.
  • A fun fact about me: I like retro gaming and I'm a piercing enthusiast. You're welcome to talk to me about either.
  • Ask me about:
    • Managing health and school
    • Commuting an hour or more
    • Ostomy and IBD (as a fellow patient or just as a curious pre-health student; don’t be afraid to email me or pull me aside if you see me!)
    • Coming here from a community college