Photo of Ambassador – Ramirez, Nallely

Nallely Ramirez

Honors Ambassador


  • Major (and Minor): Biology
  • Educational Goal: Pre-Medicine
  • Year: 2nd Year
  • Email Address:
  • Hometown: Aurora, IL
  • Housing: Commuting
  • I am a Member of:
    • Honors College Advisory Board (HCAB)
    • L@S GANAS Research Fellowship
    • Honors Ambassadors
  • A fun fact about me: I like spending most of my free time bullet journaling or watching kdramas.
  • Ask me about:
    • Dorming and commuting (I lived in JST my first year!)
    • Getting involved on campus
    • Time management and organization
    • Exploring Chicago (like cute cafes to study at or fun things to do)