Photo of Ambassador – Khater, Salaam

Salaam Khater

Honors Ambassador


  • Major (and Minor): Biochemistry
  • Educational Goal: Pre-Pharmacy
  • Year: Second Year
  • Email Address:
  • Hometown: Oak Lawn, IL
  • Housing: Commute from home
  • I am a Member of:
    • Honors College Advisory Board
    • Student Leadership and Civic Engagement
    • Students Justice in Palestine
    • Palestine Children’s Relief Fund
    • Honors College Diversity Committee
  • A fun fact about me: I tore my ACL and without surgery managed to play volleyball, basketball, and badminton.
  • Ask me about:
    • Commuting
    • Changing Majors
    • GPPA Pharmacy
    • Choosing classes
    • Time Management/Organization
    • Getting Involved
    • Anything you need help with!