Photo of Ballut, Nikolas

Nikolas Ballut

Honors Tutor



Major: Biological Sciences

Educational Goal: Wildlife Medicine


Topics: BIOS 222, 272, 331; PHYS 131*; CHEM 232; JPN 101-104 (*formerly PHYS 105/106)

Schedule: Mon 12-2, Wed 12-2

Fun Facts

Favorite Class: Ecology Lab (BIOS 331)

Favorite Professor: Dr. Som Ale

Activities/organizations: Japanese Conversation Club

Research/internship: Original research project under Dr. Emily Minor involving the ecology of mammals in green spaces within an urban environment and how human trash affects their presence.

Hometown: Many, but went to high school in Minooka, IL.

ā€œIā€™m excited about peer tutoring because I want to help my peers succeed in and enjoy classes that I have enjoyed in the past.ā€