Photo of DeJulio Bell, Lauren

Lauren DeJulio Bell

Academic Advisor & Program Specialist

Honors College


Building & Room:

Burnham Hall


Lauren DeJulio Bell currently teaches Honors 101, 201, and 301. In addition, she’s an academic advisor and works as a program specialist in the area of curriculum development. Before joining the Honors College staff full time, Lauren served as Associate Director of English Education and taught English Ed. methods courses and first-year writing/rhetoric in the UIC English Department. She has previously worked with the Chicago Teachers Pipeline Program (via Illinois State University) and as a consultant in DePaul’s education courses. Prior to university teaching, Lauren taught high school English and Drama in the Chicago Public Schools. A longtime resident of Chicago, Lauren earned her B.A. and M.Ed. at DePaul University. Her passions include activism, equity, inclusivity, the arts, and connecting to/advocating for humanity. As such, she is heavily immersed in the arts/writing scene and the local community. Lauren is on the Associate Board of StoryStudio Chicago and is involved in multiple Chicago organizations. She also leads a local project (We are All Chicago), where she engages with the people of our schools and neighborhoods to foster civic engagement, community writing, and artistic endeavors. Outside of work, she loves sports, reading, traveling, writing, and hanging out with her family and friends (along with her 2 dogs).