Photo of Islam, Zarak

Zarak Islam

Honors Tutor



Major: Double major in Political Science and Biology

Educational Goal: Attend medical school after finishing my undergraduate degrees


Topics: BIOS 110*, 120*, 222; PHYS 131*; CHEM 122, 124, 232, 234 (*formerly BIOS 100 & 101, and PHYS 105/106)

Schedule: Tues 3-7

Fun Facts

Favorite UIC Class: Cell Biology (BIOS 220)

Favorite UIC Professor: Dr. Ankur Saxena

Activities/Organizations: UIC quiz bowl team, intramural soccer

Research/Internship: Undergraduate Research Assistant at the LaDu lab since 2018

Hometown: Salem, IL

“I'm especially looking forward to interacting with my fellow peers on a weekly basis and seeing students become more confident about a class or topic after coming to see me!”