Photo of Ambassador – Malo, Dana

Dana Malo

Honors Ambassador



  • Majors: Biochemistry / Economics
  • Educational Goal: Pre-Medicine
  • Year: Sophomore
  • Hometown: Burr Ridge, IL
  • Housing: Commute from home
  • I'm involved in:
    • Undergraduate Research in Organic Chemistry
    • Volunteer Coordinator of the Honors College Advisory Board
    • Volunteer Chair of the Society of Future Physicians
    • Research Coordinator of UIC’s chapter of the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    • Secretary of Syrians Organize for Syria
    • Volunteer at UI Health
    • Medical assistant at a cardiology clinic
  • A fun fact about me: I’ve bungee jumped off a building in Las Vegas!
  • Ask me about:
    • Double majoring
    • Commuting
    • Taking organic chemistry as a freshman
    • Finding research opportunities
    • Graduating early
    • Starting a student organization on campus
    • Taking summer classes
  • E-mail: