Photo of Ambassador – Nadeem, Basmah

Basmah Nadeem

Honors Ambassador



  • Major: Urban Studies
  • Minors: Sustainable Cities / Spanish
  • Educational Goal: Urban Planning
  • Year: Sophomore
  • Hometown: Glen Ellyn, IL
  • Housing: Commute from home
  • I'm involved in:
    • CCSE Sustainable Materials subcommittee
    • CCSE Grounds subcommittee
    • Volunteering at different events
  • A fun fact about me: My favorite shows are Brooklyn 99, The Flash, and Supernatural. You can discuss them with me anytime and anywhere!
  • Ask me about:
    • Being undecided
    • Declaring a major / Intercollege transfer
    • Graduating early
    • Making a manageable class schedule
    • Balancing work, commuting, and university
    • Staying organized
    • And more! Just ask!
  • E-mail: