Photo of Perchishena, Kristina

Kristina Perchishena

Honors Tutor



Major: Biological Sciences

Educational goal: Pre-Med.


Topics: BIOS 222, 352; PHYS 107/132; PSCH 100; CHEM 233, 234

Schedule: Mon 2-3:30, Tues 4-5, Wed 2-3:30

Fun Facts

Favorite UIC class: Organic Chemistry 234

Favorite UIC professor: Dr. Maria Yermolina (CHEM 234)

Activities/organizations: Volunteer with UI Health Surgical Services

Research/internships: Doing research on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Therapies with Dr. Maria Siemionow, who is the first surgeon in the world to perform near-total face transplant.

Home country: Ukraine

“My favorite part of peer tutoring is the fact that I can help students to overcome their academic hardships by being their teacher, friend, and the person who truly understands what they are going through in their educational journey in the same time. I would love to invest all of my passion for teaching and sharing my knowledge to the students. My ultimate goal is to positively challenge myself in the face of improving the academic success of others.”