Photo of Tutor – Pisharody, Rohan

Rohan Pisharody

Honors Tutor



Major: Neuroscience

Minor: Music

Educational Goal: Pre-Medicine


Topics: CHEM 116, 118, 232, 234; BIOS 220, 222; PSCH 242, 343; PHYS 105 (now 131); ENGL 161

Schedule: Mon 10-12, Wed 10-12

Fun Facts

Favorite UIC class: PSCH 361 (Laboratory in Learning and Conditioning)

Favorite UIC professor: Dr. Pavone (PSCH 343)

Activities/organizations: National Alzheimer’s Buddies, Special Services/ER Volunteer at Rush University Hospital, UIC Society of Future Physicians, UIC Honors College Ambassadors, UIC Notes to Share, UIC Vocal Jazz Ensemble, UIC Club Tennis

Research/internship: Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology (Neuroscience Wet Lab)

Hometown: Aurora, Illinois

“I’m looking forward to meeting new students and learning about new activities they may be participating in at UIC!”