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Fall 2020 Honors Courses

Honors Courses Listing

All Honors College students MUST register for either HON 222 or HON 322 each semester**

If you are a freshman, sophomore or junior, register for HON 222.

HON 222 – Honors Activity

0 credit hours, required each term, except for summer, for all Honors College students. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grade.

Call numbers:

  • 42829 (for first year students only)
  • 13772 (for students whose last name starts with A through K)
  • 13773 (for students whose last name starts with L through Z)
  • 38177 (for students studying abroad; departmental approval required)

If you are a senior, and you intend to conduct work this term to satisfy your Honors capstone, register for HON 322.

HON 322 – Honors Capstone Activity

0 credit hours. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grade

Call number:

  • 29074: HON 322 – Honors Capstone

The UIC Undergraduate Catalog will no longer be available to anyone in a printed form. The catalog is available to view online.

Spring 2020 Course Syllabi