Chicago Signature Honors Program


Chicago Signature Honors Programming is a great way for UIC Honors students to experience amazing cultural and educational opportunities outside of class at no cost! Pioneered by Dr. Ekaterina Pirozhenko, it is currently run by Honors College’s Postdoctoral Fellow in Teaching and Mentoring, Dr. Chris Davis, in conjunction with Tyler Nielsen, Program Coordinator & Assistant to the Dean.

This extracurricular initiative engages students with the cultural and intellectual diversity that only the Chicago urban environment can provide. The program engages students intellectually, culturally, and artistically, while also providing students with mentoring outside the traditional classroom and office setting.  In the past, students have enjoyed performances at the Lyric Opera, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Steppenwolf, the Goethe Institute, Prop Theatre, the Athenaeum Theatre, the Mercury Theatre, UIC Theatre, the Hellenic Museum, the National Museum of Mexican Art, Christkindlmarket, Chinatown, and Little Village, and often are able to speak with players, directors and artists — all at no cost to the students. 

Policy and Rules

Attendance to Chicago Signature Honors Programming events is open to all students currently enrolled in the Honors College at the University of Illinois-Chicago.  Each EVENT listing has an RSVP link. By RSVP’ing, you are committing to going to the event sponsored through Honors College. Note that your attendance is subject to ticket availability. Those registered for an event will receive an email at least 48 hours prior to the event providing you directions and guidelines.

If an event reaches capacity, those still interested should e-mail to request a spot on the wait-list. Those students who reach out in this manner, after an event has reached capacity, will be added to the wait-list in the order in which their requests were received. If, after the RSVP deadline passes, seats become available those tickets will be offered to students on the wait-list according to the order in which they were added. As such, please keep a watchful eye on your UIC email the day of the event if you know you have been wait-listed.

As college funds are allocated and spent on this educational program, it is your responsibility to show up to the event that you signed up for. If you are unable to attend an event after registering, please get in touch with the administrators who run the program as soon as possible (via, no later than 12pm the day of the event) so that your ticket may be given to the next person on the wait-list. Students who fail to attend an event for which they have RSVP’d without timely communication to the program administrators, of said non-attendance, will result in the student having to reimburse the Honors College for the cost of their ticket, as a ticket has been wasted that could have instead been used to sponsor another student.

All questions and concerns should be directed to


  • If you get lost or run late, please proceed to the venue. Most of the venues that our program visits will be able to hold the ticket under your name, and in most cases you will be able to enter during the intermission.
  • Take time to learn how to get to and from the venue beforehand, including how long it takes to get there. If you have any questions on how to dress for a cultural event, do not hesitate to contact one of the Postdoctoral Fellows.