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Burnham Hall Tutoring Center Heading link


During the academic year, we offer tutoring Sunday-Friday, except during breaks and Finals Week. All tutoring services are free of charge and are available to any UIC student, even those who are not a member of the Honors College.

Tutors are available by appointment (strongly recommended) or for drop-in help and most appointments are offered online.

Subjects Covered Spring 2023:


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How to Schedule an Appointment Heading link

Student on computer.
  1. Make sure we cover the class you’re looking for (courses covered list below or by clicking here) and note which tutors offer that class.
  2. Check the schedule to see which of these tutors is available at a time that works for your schedule.
  3. Then schedule your appointment in iAdvise.

Questions? Contact the Honors College at or BHTC Director Sally Blechschmidt at

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Find Your Class Courses Covered

Spring 2023 Courses Covered Heading link

Course Number Tutor(s) Course Number Tutor(s)
ACTG 210 Isabel, Vy IDS 200 Rigo, Rushika, Vy
ACTG 211 Vy IDS 331 Maryam, Rigo
AHS 101 Maxine IDS 400 Rigo
AHS 200 Jill IDS 405 Rigo
AHS 210 Maxine IDS 410 Rigo
AHS 375 Jill IDS 462 Rigo
ANTH 100 Jyoti IDS 472 Rigo
ARAB 101 Aida KN 251 Jill, Rushika
ARAB 102 Aida MATH 090 Mariam
BIOS 110 Anna, Axat, Jill, Reem, Rushika, Zabdi MATH 104 Mariam
BIOS 120 Anna, Axat, Brenda, Jill, Reem, Rushika, Zabdi MATH 105 Mariam
BIOS 220 George, Mariam, Rabya MATH 109 Mariam
BIOS 222 Anna, Isabel, Jill, Jyoti, Rabya, Reem, Rushika, Utsa MATH 110 Mariam
BIOS 230 Jyoti, Rabya MATH 121 Aida
BIOS 286 Aida, Axat, Dua, Zabdi MATH 125 Vy
BIOS 312 Rabya MATH 170 Aida, Brenda, Dua
BIOS 325 Axat MATH 180 Julian, Kunwar, Reem
BIOS 326 Axat MATH 181 Julian
BIOS 343 Axat, Reem MATH 210 Julian
BIOS 352 Axat, Jill, Rushika MATH 220 Julian
BIOS 484 Rushika MCS 260 Utsa
BIOS 485 Brenda MGMT 340 Isabel
CHEM 101 Aida, Brenda, Dua MGMT 350 Rushika
CHEM 116 Rushika MKTG 360 Rushika
CHEM 118 Rushika PHIL 202 Brenda, Rushika
CHEM 122 Aida, Anna, Axat, Dua, George, Isabel, Jaanu, Rabya, Reem, Rushika, Zabdi PHIL 204 Rushika
CHEM 123 Aida, Anna, Axat, George, Isabel, Jaanu, Rabya, Reem, Rushika, Zabdi PHYS 131 Aida, Axat, Jill, Reem, Rushika, Utsa
CHEM 124 Anna, Axat, Isabel, Jyoti, Kunwar, Rabya, Reem, Rushika, Zabdi PHYS 132 Axat, Jill, Rushika
CHEM 125 Anna, Axat, Isabel, Jaanu, Kunwar, Rabya, Reem, Rushika, Zabdi PHYS 141 Kunwar
CHEM 232 Anna, George, Isabel, Jyoti, Mariam, Rabya, Reem, Utsa, Zabdi PSCH 100 Aida, Brenda, Isabel, Maxine, Rushika, Zabdi
CHEM 233 George, Utsa, Zabdi PSCH 210 Axat
CHEM 234 Utsa, Mariam PSCH 231 Jill, Reem
CHEM 452 Mariam PSCH 242 Brenda, Dua, Jaanu, Jill, Maxine, Reem, Rushika, Zabdi
CME 201 Julian PSCH 262 Brenda, Jill, Rigo, Rushika
CS 111 Zabdi PSCH 270 Jill
CS 141 Maryam PSCH 271 Rigo
CS 341 Maryam PSCH 343 Brenda, Dua, Rushika
DHD 101 Maxine PSCH 366 Brenda, Rushika, Zabdi
DHD 202 Maxine PSCH 367 Rushika
ECON 120 Jill, Rabya, Vy PSCH 381 Rigo
ECON 121 Jill, Vy PSCH 399 Rigo
ECON 220 Jill PSCH 443 Rigo
ENGL 160 Aida, Jaanu, Julian, Kunwar SOC 100 Jyoti, Rushika
ENGL 161 Axat, Brenda, George, Isabel, Jaanu, Julian, Maxine, Rabya, Reem, Rushika SOC 105 Axat, Jill
FIN 300 Vy SPAN 101 Brenda, Maxine
HIST 101 Aida, Isabel SPAN 102 Brenda, Maxine
HN 196 Jill SPAN 103 Brenda
HN 202 Axat SPAN 104 Brenda, Jaanu, Utsa
SPAN 202 Brenda
SPAN 203 Brenda
SPAN 221 Brenda
SPAN 321 Brenda
STAT 101 Brenda, Rushika
STAT 130 Axat, George
STAT 381 Maryam

Spring 2023 Tutor Schedule Heading link

*V = Virtual Tutoring

*IP = In-Person Tutoring (Burnham Hall 2nd floor)
Times Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8 - 10 a.m Anna Gontar (V) Zabdi Herrer (V) Mariam Hassan (V) Maxine Honeywell (V) Isabel Malithuruthel (V) Jill Patel (V) Aida Adriano (V) Isabel Malithuruthel (V) Aida Adriano (V), Mariam Hassan (V)
10 - 12 p.m Zabdi Herrera (V) Jaanu Kakadiya (V) Rigoberto Garay-Martinez Jr. (IP) Julian Franco (IP) Jaanu Kakadiya (V) Rigoberto Garay-Martinez Jr. (IP) Julian Franco (IP)
12 - 2 p.m Axat Patel (V) Reem Zalloum (V) Rabya Hasnain (V) George Linares (IP) George Linares (IP) Kunwar Singh (IP)
2 - 4 p.m Reem Zalloum (V) Rabya Hasnain (IP) Jill Patel (V) Rushika Amin (V) Kunwar Singh (IP) Dua Akbari (V)
4 - 6 p.m Jyoti Sundaram (V), Maryam Katrawala (V) Utsa Bhattacharyya (V) Brenda Solache (V) Utsa Bhattacharyya (V) Jyoti Sundaram (V) Brenda Solache (even weeks only) (V)
6 - 8 p.m Anna Gontar (V), Maryam Katrawala (V) Vy Lu (V) Rushika Amin (V) (Odd weeks only) Maxine Honeywell (V) Dua Akbari (V) Axat Patel (V) Vy Lu (V)

Student Testimonials Heading link

Was so patient and so helpful and incredibly friendly! She cleared up all my doubts and took the extra time and effort to make sure I understood everything. An amazing tutor!

Spring 2023  |  Major - Biological Sciences

Continued help with psych 242, very patient with me and made sure to explain topics in multiple different ways to ensure I understood well.

Spring 2023  |  Major - Engineering

Such an awesome tutor. I learned so much from her and she is always willing to help me understand chemistry.

Spring 2023  |  Major - Chemistry

Narrowed down material to effectively comprehend the material.

Spring 2023  |  Major - Biological Sciences

Very good in describing the information presented to me, also broke down definitions.

Spring 2023  |  Major - Psychology

“…was so considerate of my learning pace and helped me tremendously.”

Fall 2021  |  Major - Bioengineering