Burnham Hall Tutoring Center - Fall 2021

The Tutoring Center is open! Tutors are available by appointment (strongly recommended) or for drop-in help. The service is free and available to every UIC student. Most appointments are offered virtually. Check the weekly schedule below for in-person tutoring options.

Subjects we cover (Fall 2021): Arabic, Biology, Bioengineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, English, Linguistics, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, Statistics

…helped me understand the theory behind the material!

BHTC user, Spring 2021

How to use the information on this page

During the academic year, we offer tutoring Sunday-Friday. Appointments are strongly recommended.

  1. Make sure we cover the class you’re looking for, and note which tutors offer that class.
  2. Check the schedule to see which of these tutors is available at a time that works for your schedule.
  3. Click on the Box link below for each tutor’s Calendly address and Zoom room, then schedule your appointment in Calendly.

Can’t find the class you’re looking for? Visit tutoring.uic.edu for descriptions of every tutoring unit on campus and a continuously updated list of all courses for which you can access tutoring at UIC.

Questions? Contact the Honors College at hcollege@uic.edu or BHTC Director Kathryn Burns-Howard at kbh@uic.edu.

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Who tutors what?

Course Number Tutor(s)
ARAB 101 Dalia
BIOE 101 Nikith
BIOE 205 Ryan
BIOS 110 Bea, Drashya, Iris, Ismihan, Jill, Megan, Parsva, Reva, Rushika, Ryan
BIOS 120 Brenda, Iris, Ismihan, Jill, Megan, Parsva, Reva, Rushika
BIOS 220 Deepa, Maryam, Megan, Reva
BIOS 222 Aseal, Deepa, Iris, Jill, Maryam, Megan, Reva, Rushika
BIOS 230 Maryam, Reva
BIOS 286 Maryam, Medha
BIOS 310 Maryam, Reva
BIOS 312 Maryam, Megan, Reva
BIOS 343 Deepa, Maryam, Medha
BIOS 350 Maryam
BIOS 351 Maryam
BIOS 352 Aseal, Maryam, Reva
BIOS 452 Deepa, Medha, Megan
BIOS 454 Megan
CHEM 101 Brenda, Iris, Reva
CHEM 116/118 Rushika
CHEM 122/123 Aseal, Bea, Deepa, Drashya, Iris, Jill, Reva, Rushika, Ryan
CHEM 124/125 Aseal, Deepa, Drashya, Jill, Reva, Rushika, Ryan
CHEM 232 Aseal, Deepa, Ismihan, John, Maryam, Megan, Nikith, Reva
CHEM 233 Ismihan, Maryam, Medha, Megan, Nikith
CHEM 234 Ismihan, John, Maryam, Nikith
CHEM 352 Reva
CHEM 452 Deepa, Medha
CS 109 Bea, Nikith, Ryan
ECON 120 Megan
ECON 121 Megan
ECON 215 Medha, Megan
ECON 220 Medha, Megan, Noor
ECON 221 Medha, Megan, Noor
ECON 270 Megan
ECON 300 Megan
ENGL 160 Bea, Maryam, Noor, Parsva, Reva
ENG 161 Bea, Brenda, Jill, Maryam, Medha, Noor, Parsva, Reva, Rushika
Essay feedback Maryam, Noor, Reva
LING 150 Medha
MATH below 180 Reva
MATH 118 Iris
MATH 165 Iris
MATH 170 Brenda
MATH 180 Bea, Iris, Parsva
MATH 181 Iris
MATH 210 Alexei, Iris
MATH 215 Alexei
MATH 220 Alexei
PHIL 102 Medha, Noor
PHYS 131 Jill, Medha, Megan, Reva, Rushika
PHYS 132 Deepa, Jill, Megan, Reva, Rushika
PHYS 141 Alexei
PHYS 142 Alexei
PSCH 100 Aseal, Brenda, Dalia, Deepa, John, Medha, Megan, Noor, Reva
PSCH 210 Dalia
PSCH 242 Aseal, Brenda, Dalia, John, Medha, Nikith, Rushika
PSCH 262 Aseal, Brenda, John, Rushika
PSCH 270 Dalia, Deepa
PSCH 320 Dalia, John
PSCH 343 Aseal, John, Medha
PSCH 366 Brenda, Medha
SOC 100 Deepa, Reva, Rushika
SOC 105 Jill, Medha, Megan
SPAN 101 Brenda, Maryam
SPAN 102 Brenda, Drashya, Maryam
SPAN 103 Brenda, Drashya
SPAN 104 Brenda
SPAN 202 Brenda
SPAN 203 Brenda
STAT 101 Brenda, Jill, Reva, Rushika
STAT 130 Parsva

Who tutors when?

This table shows availability. Individual links for Zoom and appointment scheduling may be found in the Box file at the top of this page. Appointments are strongly encouraged, but are not required except for in-person tutoring.

If you cannot access the Box document, you may not have created a UIC-specific Box account. Visit https://help.uillinois.edu/TDClient/37/uic/KB/ArticleDet?ID=638 for instructions on creating such an account.

V = Virtual Tutoring
IP = In-Person Tutoring, Burnham Hall 2nd floor

*In September, Reva will be available Thursdays 9/23 & 9/30 (instead of Tuesday 9/21 & 9/28.)
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8-10 Aseal (V); Reva (V) Alexei (V, 9-10) Jill (V); Alexei (V, 9-10) Megan (V, 9-11)
10-12 Aseal (V) Dalia (V); John (V/IP); Maryam (V/IP) Deepa (V); Drashya (V); Medha (V); Parsva (V) John (V/IP); Maryam (V/IP); Megan (V) Drashya (V); Medha (V); Rushika (V) Dalia (V); Deepa (V); Megan (V, 9-11)
12-2 Bea (V) Bea (V); Rushika (V) Ismihan (V); Nikith (V); Alexei (V/IP, 1-2) Jill (V) Ismihan (V); Nikith (V); Alexei (V/IP, 1-2)
2-4 Brenda (V); Parsva (V); Noor (V) *Reva (V/IP) Brenda (V); Noor (V) *Reva (V) Ryan (V)
4-6 Ryan (V) Iris (V);
6-8 Iris (V)

Peer Tutor Profiles

Click on the tiles to learn academic subjects each tutor offers, other areas where they can help, and more.

Other Tutoring Resources

You are also encouraged to visit other departments’ tutoring resources. Some are instructor-led and course-specific, while others offer peer tutoring. For the time being, the majority of tutoring services are being offered online.

Visit tutoring.uic.edu for descriptions of every tutoring unit on campus and a continuously updated list of all courses for which you can access tutoring at UIC.