Honors Council

The by laws outlining the make and purpose of the Honors Council and its subsidiary bodies are available online: Honors College By Laws.

Honors Council

2019 – 2022 Term

Sarah Abboud | Nursing | Assistant Professor of Women, Child & Family Health Science

Ronald Dubreuil | Liberal Arts and Sciences | Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Beate Geissler | Architecture, Design and the Arts | Associate Professor of Art

Irena Levitan | Medicine | Professor of Medical Education

Terry Moore | Pharmacy | Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy

Sanjeev Vidyarthi | Urban Planning and Public Affairs | Assistant Professor of Urban Planning and Policy

Sloan Williams | Liberal Arts and Sciences | Head of Anthropology


2020 – 2023 Term

Leslie Aldrich | Liberal Arts and Sciences | Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Asha Eapen | Dentistry | Clinical Assistant Professor of Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences

Ram Ramakrishnan | Business Administration | Professor of Accounting

Susanne Rott | Liberal Arts and Sciences | Associate Professor of Germanic Studies

Eric Swirsky | Applied Health Sciences | Clinical Assistant Professor of Biomedical & Health Information Science


2021-2024 Term

Kathryn Engel | Liberal Arts and Sciences | Director of Internships in Applied Psychology

Rohan Dexter Jeremiah | School of Public Health | Assistant Professor in the Division of Community Health Sciences

Young Richard Kim | Liberal Arts & Sciences | Associate Professor & Department Head of Classics and Mediterranean Studies

Vince LaMotta | Liberal Arts & Sciences | Clinical Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Nicole Nguyen | Education | Associate Professor of Education Policy Studies

Quintin Williams | Engineering | Clinical Assistant Professor of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering



EPC Chair:



Diversity Committee Co-Chairs:

Lauren Bell | Honors College | Honors Academic Advisor and Program Specialist

Aisha El-Amin | Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs | Associate Vice Provost & Chief of Staff


Dean’s Designate:

Phillip Beverly | Degree Progress Office | Director, President’s Award Program


Ex-Officio Members

Ralph Keen | Honors College | Dean

Stacie McCloud | Honors College | Associate Dean

Kathryn Burns-Howard | Honors College | Assistant Dean for Student Services

Michele McCrillis | Honors College | Assistant Dean of Curriculum & Outreach Programs

Tyler Nielsen | Honors College | Program Coordinator & Assistant to the Dean

Yolanda Rodriguez Venegas | Honors College | Assistant Dean of Administration

Kevin Browne | Vice Provost for Academic and Enrollment Services

Clarissa Gomez | Co-President of the Honors College Advisory Board (HCAB) 2021-2022

Michael Yonker | Co-President of the Honors College Advisory Board (HCAB) 2021-2022

Educational Policy Council

Juliana Chan | Pharmacy | Clinical Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice

Miquel Gonzalez-Meler | Liberal Arts and Sciences | Professor of Biological Sciences

Michele McCrillis (Honors College Representative) | Honors College | Assistant Dean for Curriculum & Outreach

Krishna Reddy | Engineering | Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Jennifer Rupert | Liberal Arts and Sciences | Senior Lecturer in English, Gender & Women’s Studies

Amie Schuck | Liberal Arts and Sciences | Associate Professor of Criminology, Law, and Justice


Honors College Representatives

Tyler Nielsen | Honors College | Assistant to the Dean & Program Coordinator