Fellow of the Year

Fellow, Capstone Supervisor, and Instructor of the Year

Fellow of the Year

2020 Fellow of the Year: Sarah Abboud


Dr. Sarah Abboud

Assistant Professor, Department of Women, Children and Family Health Science

College of Nursing

Honors Faculty Fellows are individually assigned to provide personalized advising and mentoring to students. Each year, Honors College students nominate Fellows to be honored as “Fellow of the Year” for excellence in mentoring.  We are pleased to award the 2019-20 title to Sarah Abboud, Assistant Professor, Department of Women, Children and Family Health Science in the College of Nursing.

Professor Abboud’s work centers on the intersections of ethnicity, sexuality, gender, health, and immigration among immigrants, ethnic minorities, sexual and gender minorities in the United States, in particular Arabs and Arab Americans, and in Lebanon. Her work is informed by social justice, intersectionality, and health equity frameworks and aims at decreasing the significant health disparities faced by marginalized populations. Along with her research work, Professor Abboud has extensive experience in sexual health, qualitative research methods, mixed methods, and community-based participatory research approaches.

Honors student Leni Redmond nominated Professor Abboud, writing, “She has always shown interest in my studies and encouraged me when I confided having trouble in certain areas. She connected her own experience as a nurse with many of the same troubles I was having as a nursing student . . . She has been there every step of the way, from the anxiety of applying and being accepted into the College of Nursing, to pursuing study abroad opportunities, to giving me advice about how to balance school and work when I got my first job.”  Professor Abboud also worked with Leni on her Capstone Project.  “Now, I am finishing up my senior year and my capstone project,” Leni wrote, “using all the skills Dr. Abboud initially taught me many years ago.”

Professor Abboud serves on the Honors Council.  She developed and teaches an Honors Core course titled, Human Sexuality and Health: From Local to Global.

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Capstone Supervisor of the Year

2020 Capstone Supervisor of the Year: Jane Rhodes


Dr. Jane Rhodes

Professor and Department Head,  African American Studies

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The Capstone Supervisor of the Year award is given annually to a faculty member for their outstanding mentorship of Honors College students’ Senior Honors Capstone projects. This year’s Capstone Supervisor of the Year is Jane Rhodes, Professor and Head in African American Studies in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Professor Rhodes is trained as a mass media historian with specialization in African American history and culture. She focuses on the study of race, gender and mass media; the history of the black press; media and social movements; and African American women’s history. She is particularly interested in how aggrieved communities have used print culture, film, electronic media, music, and other expressive cultures as modes of resistance and empowerment. Her work also explores the gender politics of African American communities and the experiences of transnational black subjects.

Professor Rhodes was nominated by Taylor Hutchinson who wrote that, balancing the substantial academic load as a pre-med senior, she was initially very hesitant about the project and whether or not its completion would be feasible, but Professor Rhodes eased this fear and only furthered Taylor’s love for the project.  Taylor writes, “In working with Professor Rhodes, I have never questioned the dedication or devotion she has towards guiding me through the process of completing this project nor ensuring that the remainder of my journey in the Honor’s College and at UIC is one both enjoyable and memorable.”

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Instructor of the Year

2020 Instructor of the Year: Evangelos Kobotis


Dr. Evangelos Kobotis

Senior Lecturer, Department of Math, Statistics, and Computer Science

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The Instructor of the Year award is given annually to one of the many faculty members who teach our first-year Honors Core courses as well as our Honors Seminars for upperclassmen.  This year’s Instructor of the Year is Dr. Evangelos Kobotis, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Math, Statistics, and Computer Science, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Kobotis developed and regularly teaches HON 131 Mathematics Through Time in the Honors College. This popular course is a fascinating mix of reasoning, stories and discussion that traces the development of mathematics through the centuries, with a special emphasis on how different concepts were introduced and were influenced by their historical context. Honors student Anne Serban, who nominated Kobotis, writes, “His passion for the class and the material he teaches is visible and passed on to the students.”


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