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Diversity is at the core of the Honors College’s mission, which states that “… by bringing together exceptional undergraduate students, faculty and staff, the Honors College provides an environment for advanced intellectual growth and a foundation for life-long learning.”

As part of the Honors College’s ongoing efforts to better serve the diverse needs of its students on campus and in its classrooms, the Honors College Diversity Committee (HCDC) as well as the subsequent Student Subcommittee for Diversity (SSD), are formulated each academic year through appointments by the Dean and student applications. Through this committee and subcommittee, students, faculty, and staff have the opportunity not only to provide input and insight as to how the college might better serve its ever-growing and diversifying student body but also to be an instrument for change oneself.

The Honors College Diversity Committee emerged as a mainstay of an earlier iteration of such a committee. Operating with diversity as a core value, the Honors Council developed the Honors College Diversity Strategic Planning Committee in 2012, to identify areas in which the college could improve its commitment to serve its diverse student populations. In February 2012, this committee submitted the first Diversity Strategic Planning Document to the Dean. Since then the college has adopted a number of the recommendations and the Diversity Committee regularly revisits the Strategic Planning document to review the college’s progress.

In addition to committee work, the Honors College focuses on offering a diverse representation of topics through academic courses and programs. For more information on examples of courses focused on diversity, please review our Current & Historical course listings.

Members of the Honors College Diversity Committee Heading link


  • Lauren DeJulio Bell, Honors Instructor, Academic Advisor and Program Specialist (Honors College)
  • Aisha El Amin, Associate Provost and Chief of Staff (Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs)

Committee Members

  • Cynthia Blair, Associate Professor (African American Studies and History)
  • Saria Lofton, Clinical Assistant Professor of Health Systems Science (College of Nursing)
  • Alex Sainvilier, Honors Instructor, Academic Advisor and Program Specialist (Honors College)

Student Subcommittee Members

  • Hana Ahmed
  • John Emiliano
  • Janna Jann
  • Shola Jimoh
  • Salaam Khater (HCAB representative)
  • Vikram Saudagar

Diversity at UIC Heading link

As one of the nation’s most diverse public research Universities as well as a federal designated Minority Serving Institution, diversity is a core value held by the University at large as well as the Honors College. The realization of University’s initiatives related to diversity matters are driven by the Office for Diversity whose aim is “to ensure that neither difference nor disadvantage impede the intellectual and professional achievement of our campus community.”

Key to the success of the Office of Diversity are the Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change, seven centers which promote the well-being and cultural awareness of underrepresented and underserved communities at UIC, with whom the Honors College works to partner as frequently as possible.

Resources for Undocumented Students & Their Families Heading link

As part of its commitment to serving students from all walks of life, the Office of Diversity has made it a priority to develop and provide a number of resources to students and families from undocumented or from mixed immigration status families. For more information on these resources and others that may be available, be sure to visit the Office of Diversity’s page for Undocumented Student Support.

Scholarships for Underrepresented Groups Heading link

There are several scholarships and fellowships made available to Honors College students who identify as belonging to one or more underrepresented groups. Such awards and opportunities include the Hispanic Scholarship Fund as well as the Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowship. For a complete listing of these awards and others, please visit the Honors College Scholarships Page.