Student Organizations

Honors College Advisory Board

HCAB is the official Honors College student organization that acts as the voice of the student body within the Honors College, and plans and implements a number of events each year, including the Honors College Ball. Applications to join are available at the beginning of the fall semester, and elections for executive board roles are held in the spring.

For more information, visit the HCAB website.

HCAB alongside with the Honors College will be hosting a variety of events for Fall 2021 Honors College Weeks of Welcome. For more information including dates and times, please click here to see the full schedule.

Society of Future Physicians

The UIC Society of Future Physicians is a student organization for pre-medical students to discover what a medical career is all about. The society delivers information regarding the medical school application process and coordinates activities that give insight into the work and lives of physicians.

For more information, visit the Society of Future Physicians website.

Other Organizations 

Honors College students join, and often hold leadership positions in, many other UIC organizations, including but not limited to: The Society of Future Physicians, Peer Health Exchange, Project ESTEEM, etc. Information about registered student organizations at UIC can be found within the Center for Student Involvement.