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Teach an Honors Course

Propose a Core Course or a Seminar

Faculty members have opportunities to teach courses on topics of their choice to highly motivated Honors College students! The Honors College draws its approximately 1,900 students from colleges and departments across campus, and our courses cover a wide range of topics centered in different academic disciplines.

Faculty members are welcome to participate in Honors curriculum by submitting either a proposal for an Honors College core course, or a proposal for an Honors seminar.

Submitting a Core Course Proposal Heading link

Honors Core courses are 3 credit-hour courses that also fulfill general education credit. These courses are mandatory for first year Honors College students, but upper-division Honors students may enroll as well. They have low enrollment limits, are often taught in a seminar format, and are intended to provide both a challenging and intimate learning experience for the excellent undergraduates in the Honors College. The topics for the Core courses are typically interdisciplinary, drawing from a variety of perspectives.

If you are interested in teaching a core course for the Honors College, please use the core course proposal form. For your reference, we are providing you with a couple of sample core course proposals:

Submitting an Honors Seminar Proposal Heading link

Honors Seminars are elective, one-credit hour courses open to all Honors College students, but usually taken by sophomores and juniors. The Seminars are graded on a Satisfactory (S)/Unsatisfactory (U) basis. Teaching an Honors Seminar is an opportunity to share a favorite topic with a small class of Honors College students in a one-hour-per-week meeting. Faculty members from almost every UIC college have enjoyed teaching our students in a seminar, several more than once. A historical list is available for your reference here.

We encourage proposals that:

  1. Offer unique perspectives on issues that are unlikely to be addressed in traditional course offerings
  2. Offer an interdisciplinary perspective with novel insights into practical or scholarly problems
  3. Bring real-world experience into theories or translate theory into practice. Students’ active engagement in the class is indispensable in making the seminar a success

If you are interested in teaching an Honors seminar, please use the seminar proposal form, whether you have taught the seminar in the past or it is a new topic. For your reference, we are providing you with a couple of sample seminar proposals:

Please contact Assistant Dean of Curriculum and Outreach Programs Michele McCrillis, with any questions or with your course proposal. You can reach her at or 312-413-2260. All course proposals will be carefully reviewed by the Honors College Education Policy Committee.  Honors Core proposals also have to be reviewed and approved by the General Education Council.


Comics and Society - Interview with Mark Martell Heading link

Dr. Mark Martell is the Director of the Asian American Resource and Cultural Center and Co-PI, AANAPISI Initiative

Honors Fellow and Instructor Dr. Mark Martell (Director, Asian American Resource and Cultural Center) describes his Honors courses exploring superheroes, identities, social justice issues and culture, as well as an upcoming GLAS Study Abroad opportunity in Tokyo that examines Manga and Anime.

Special shout out to First Aid Comics @firstaidcomicshp for letting us film at your outstanding location. Visit your comic shop today.

Honors Course: Cemeteries and Funerary Art Heading link

Dr. Michelangelo Giampaoli is a Visiting Lecturer of Anthropology

Michelangelo is passionate about getting not just students, but everyone to visit one of the most misunderstood places in society, cemeteries.

While visiting Chicago’s infamous Graceland Cemetery, Michelangelo describes their Honors course ‘Cemeteries and Funerary Art’ which entails how you can find immense history, culture, and art, in the cemetery!