Honors College Fellows come from departments in all colleges across the UIC campus; a list of Honors College Fellows is available here. These faculty members apply for appointment as Fellows to have the opportunity to work with high-achieving undergraduates and to help such students perform at their highest level of ability. Busy both as scholars and as teachers, the Fellows of the Honors College deserve thanks from the entire UIC community for their support of Honors College students, which leads students to success at UIC and beyond. The Honors College welcomes applications from faculty interested in becoming Fellows.

Honors College students are assigned to a Fellow at the start of the sophomore year or at the time of transfer to UIC. Current students can find more information about their assigned fellow through the Honors Activity Reporting System.

To effectively cultivate the Fellow-Student relationship, the Fellow and student should meet face-to-face in the first few weeks of the semester to discuss the student’s Honors Activity, and the Fellow will indicate his or her approval by electronically signing the Honors Activity Agreement Form. As a way of strengthening the Fellow-Student relationship, Fellows are strongly urged to meet a second time during the term with each of their Honors advisees — perhaps during departmental advising for the following term, or perhaps at a time when both Fellow and student can get to know each other better.

As an Honors advisor, the Fellow:

  • Provides suggestions for future Honors activities, such as research or internship opportunities, as they get to know the student’s academic and professional goals;
  • Serves as the student’s and the Honors College’s agent in the home department;
  • Provides guidance for the student’s independent study or research, working with the student directly or suggesting other appropriate faculty members with whom the student might work; and
  • Encourages and advises the student regarding the student’s Honors College Capstone Project. The Fellow might serve as the faculty advisor for this project or might help the student find other appropriate faculty advisors.

As a mentor in a more general sense, the Fellow:

  • Welcomes the student as a member of the academic community, encourages the student to identify with that community, and develops a relationship with the student that fosters such identification;
  • Encourages the student to pursue academic excellence;
  • Serves as a source of information about the department, the campus, graduate school, and careers;
  • Helps the student develop academic or professional goals and strategies for achieving them;
  • Serves as a sponsor and advocate for the student by encouraging the student to take advantage of academic opportunities, calling departmental colleagues’ attention to the student’s abilities, writing letters of recommendation, etc.;
  • Identifies highly talented students at the earliest possible stage and calls them to the attention of the department and the Honors College;
  • Encourages outstanding students to apply for major awards (e.g., Fulbright, Marshall, Mellon, NSF, Rhodes, Truman, etc.) and helps them become competitive for such awards;
  • Serves as an ambassador for the Honors College in his or her home department, college, and across the campus;
  • Supports the Honors College through occasional service (e.g., serving on scholarship or grant selection committees); and
  • Supports the Honors College and student advisees by attending Honors College academic and social events as time permits.