Honors College Fellows

Honors College Faculty Fellows are discipline-specific mentors for Honors College students. Fellows come from departments in all colleges across the UIC campus. A list of current Honors College Fellows can be found here. These faculty members apply for appointments as Honors College Faculty Fellows in order to have the opportunity to mentor high-achieving undergraduates and help them perform at their highest level of ability. Busy as scholars and as teachers, the Fellows volunteer their time to work with Honors College students.

Honors College students are assigned to a Faculty Fellow at the start of the sophomore year or at the time of transfer to UIC. Students can find their Fellow’s information listed in the Honors Activity Reporting System (HARS). To effectively cultivate the Fellow-Student relationship, the Fellow and student should meet face-to-face or virtually in the first few weeks of the semester. This meeting allows the student to introduce themselves and their interests, learn more about their Fellow, and share the Honors Activity planned for the upcoming semester. After the meeting students should visit HARS to submit their Honors Activity Agreement Form(s) which the Fellow approves electronically. As a way of strengthening the Fellow-Student relationship, Fellows and mentees should meet as needed throughout the term.

Faculty Fellow Timeline Year-To-Year

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Faculty Fellow Transfer Student Year-To-Year

For an informative graphic outlining the timeline process for Fellows if you’re a transfer student, please click the link below.

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How-To Contact Your Faculty Fellow

For an informative graphic outlining the process of contacting and meeting your Fellow, please click the link below.

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The Fellow-Mentee relationship is a collaborative effort. As such…

As a discipline-specific mentor, the Fellow:

  • Provides suggestions for future Honors activities, such as research or internship opportunities, as they get to know the student’s academic and professional goals;
  • Shares experiences and insights specific to their professional and academic areas of expertise;
  • Serves as the student’s and the Honors College’s agent in the home department;
  • Provides guidance for the student’s independent study or research, working with the student directly or suggesting other appropriate faculty members with whom the student might work; and
  • Encourages and advises the student regarding the student’s Honors College Capstone Project. The Fellow might choose to serve as the Capstone Supervisor for this project or might help the student find an appropriate alternative Supervisor.

As a mentee, the student shall:

  • Maintain a professional and respectful exchange with their Fellow;
  • Take initiative to contact their Fellow and arrange a meeting at the beginning of each semester;
  • Meet with their Fellow prior to submitting their Honors Activity Agreement Form;
  • Invite their Fellow to their final Capstone presentation.