• A distinctive feature of the Honors College is the availability of personalized advising.  We pride ourselves on having the knowledge and experience to advise students from all colleges on campus, and having the resources and information necessary for students to plan for their undergraduate, graduate, and post college goals.
  • Prior to matriculation, all entering first year students are advised during orientation by the staff of their degree granting college and by professional advising staff of the Honors College.
  • Continued advising at the Honors College is mandatory throughout the first year, with a required Mandatory First-Year Advising (MFA) appointment each semester of that first year.
  • Upon completion of the first year, students are strongly urged to continue to discuss their academic progress and course scheduling their assigned Honors College Advisor. The transition to university life can be challenging for some students; the Honors College staff is available to help students through this change.
  • Students entering the Honors College as transfer students or continuing UIC students are assigned an Honors College advisor and are strongly urged to meet with their advisor throughout their time in the Honors College.
  • Please visit our staff and advisors page to learn more about the advisors available at the Honors College.