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Faculty and Fellows

Spring 2012 Honors Council Meeting

Fellows are central to the work of the Honors College.

Beginning with the sophomore year, each Honors College student is assigned to an Honors College fellow, a professor, typically in the student’s major area of study, who serves as an honors advisor and mentor for the student. In serving as an advisor, the fellow approves and provides guidance, when necessary, in deciding on an honors activity each term. The fellow provides final approval of the student’s honors activity each semester by signing the Honors Agreement form which is to be submitted by all Honors College students by the end of the third week of each term.

Students may also request to be assigned to a fellow outside of their major or in their field of post-baccalaureate study. These requests will be honored whenever possible. To do so, students should complete the Fellow Change Request Form. Once the form has been received, students will be notified of the change/status of the form via e-mail.

Any inquiries should be directed to Sally Blechschmidt, Honors Academic Advisor and Program Specialist, at

Faculty members apply for appointments as Fellows in order to have the opportunity to work with talented undergraduates, helping them to perform at their highest level of ability. Both as scholars and as teachers, the fellows of the Honors College deserve thanks from the entire UIC community for their successful efforts on behalf of the students.

Fellows can now view a list of their students online.