Burnham Hall Tutoring Center

Qualified Honors College students are available to help you in many subjects. The tutoring schedule lists both the classes and the times particular tutors are available to tutor those classes. That schedule is posted here at the beginning of every semester, and tutoring in the Burnham Hall Tutoring Center (BH 220) begins on Monday, January 28, 2019 for the Spring 2019 semester. You do not need an appointment to see a tutor; the service is free and available to every UIC student. Students visiting the Burnham Hall Tutoring Center are asked to sign in when using the tutoring services, in order for the Honors College to track usage of this service.

Location and Hours

The Burnham Hall Tutoring Center is located on the second floor of Burnham Hall in Room 220.

Tutoring is typically offered between the hours of 9am and 4pm on weekdays, though there may be gaps in coverage due to the student tutor schedules. The Tutoring Center Room is also used as a study space. Please refer to the detailed schedule below for specific hours for the semester.

Note: There will be no tutoring during Thanksgiving Break, Spring Break, or during finals week, so our students may concentrate on their exams.

For questions on the program, contact the Honors College tutoring coordinator: Nikki Gottleib

Burnham Hall Tutoring Center - Spring 2019 Schedule

Hours for the spring semester will be posted by the second week of the semester.

Common Courses

Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Anatomy), Math, Psychology, English
CHEM 101/122
CHEM 124
CHEM 232
CHEM 233
CHEM 234
BIOS 100
BIOS 101
BIOS 220
BIOS 222
BIOS 352/452
PHYS 105
PHYS 141
PHYS 142
KN 251/252
MATH 121
MATH 180/181/210
MATH 220
MATH 310
PSCH 100
PSCH 242
PSCH 343
ENGL 160/161
ENGL 105
ENGL 240
HUM 102

Engineering Courses

BIOE 101
BIOE 240
BIOE 310/430/460
BIOE 339
CS 107
CS 109
CS 151/211
ECE 115
ECE 210
ECE 225
ECE 265
ECE 266
ECE 310
ECE 341

Humanities/Social Science/Other Courses

ARAB 101/102
ITAL 101/102/103
SPAN 101
SPAN 102/103/104
SPAN 113/114
SPAN 202
SOC 100
ANTH 105
ECON 120/121/220/221
PHIL 102/204
FIN 301/302
DHD 102
ED 200/210
DLG 120

Spring 2019 Tutors

Profiles will be shared soon.

Click on the profiles below to learn more about each tutor, including their hours and subjects, as well as majors, educational goals, and more.

Other Tutoring Resources

Additionally, you are encouraged to visit other departments’ tutoring resources:

Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) – SSB 2900

  • Workshops throughout the semester
  • Academic Coach: For appointments, call 312-413-0031

AHS Academic Support and Achievement Program (ASAP) – PEB 356 

  • Online resources
  • Tutoring: Schedule available online, can request individual appointments online as well

African American Academic Network (AAAN) Learning Resource Center – SSB 2800 

  • Online resources
  • Tutoring: Schedule available online

Athletics Academic Services, Port Academic Center – PEB B60 

  • Tutoring for student-athletes: Mon-Thurs 8am-9pm, Fri 9am-5pm, Sun 5pm-9pm

Business Learning Center (BLC) – BSB L270 

  • Tutoring: Schedule appointment through Business Connect website; Schedule available online

Campus Housing – Various Residence Halls 

  • Visit your hall’s website or front desk for information about tutoring and other academic resources

Language and Writing Studio – UH 1650

  • Language Coach: for 100-level language courses
  • Language-Specific Writing Coach: for major/minor writing 200+ courses
  • Walk-ins only, schedules for all languages offered available online

Latin American Recruitment and Education Services Program (LARES) – SSB 2640

  • Academic Skills Courses offered
  • Tutoring: Schedule available online

LAS Math & Science Learning Center – SES 3rd Floor  

  • Tutoring Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
  • Schedules available online

Minority Engineering Recruitment and Retention Program (MERRP) – SELE 2065

  • Tutoring details available in person in SELE 2065

TRIO Academic Support Program – SSB 2720 

  • Trio Advisors – apply online if eligible to access Student Support Services

Writing Center – GH 105

  • In Person Hours: Mon 10-5, Tues 9:30-5:30, Wed 9-6, Thurs 9:30-4:30, Fri 10-5; Online Hours: Sun 4-8pm, Tues-Thurs 7-9pm
  • Register online and/or make an appointment by calling 312-413-2206

Department of Computer Science – SELE 2250

  • Peer Tutoring for 100-, 200-, and 300-level classes
  • 10am-9pm Monday-Friday, specific classes schedule available online