Burnham Hall (Virtual) Tutoring Center - Fall 2020

Honors College students are available to help with a multitude of subjects--from Accounting and Anthropology to Spanish and Statistics. You can see a tutor by appointment or as a drop-in. The service is free and available to every UIC student.

Scroll down to find out Subjects We Cover, Who Tutors When, and Who Tutors What.

Questions? Contact the Honors College at hcollege@uic.edu or BHTC Director Kathryn Burns-Howard at kbh@uic.edu.

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Subjects We Cover - Fall 2020

CBA: Accounting, Finance, IDS

Engineering: Computer Science

LAS Humanities: Art History, Chinese, Communication, Philosophy, Spanish

LAS Social Sciences: Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

LAS Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, MCS, Physics, Statistics

Who tutors when?

This table shows availability. Scroll down for list of courses each of these honors students has offered to tutor. All are virtual via zoom.

Individual Zoom links and links for appointment scheduling may be found in the Box file above. Appointments are encouraged, but are not required.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9-10 Gautami, Ishan Alden, Kalyn Megan Alden, Jibreel Gautami
10-11 Gautami, Ishan Alden, Kalyn, Zarak Megan Alden, Cindy, Jibreel Gautami, Ishan
11-12 Jill, Zarak Jill, Zarak Cindy, Zuzanna Cindy, Jibreel (ends 11:30) Ishan, John
12-1 Jill, Zarak Jill, Megan Zuzanna, Cindy, Kalyn, Kay Ameesha John, Kay
1-2 John Megan, Nha Kalyn, Kay Ameesha, Nha Kay, Zuzanna
2-3 John, Rushika Nha, Rushika Deepa Maryam, Nha Zuzanna
3-4 Ameesha, Maryam, Rushika Rushika Deepa, Alexei Maryam, Jibreel (starts 3:30) Alexei, Deepa
4-5 Ameesha, Maryam, Thomas Thomas Alexei, Thomas Jibreel, Thomas Alexei, Deepa

Who tutors what?

Can't find the class you need? Scroll down for additional tutoring resources on campus.
Course Number Tutor
ACTG 210 Jibreel
ACTG 211 Jibreel
ACTG 315 Jibreel
ACTG 326 Jibreel
AH 110 Zuzanna
AH 111 Zuzanna
ANTH 100 Kay
BIOS 110 Ishan, Jibreel, Jill, Kalyn, Kay, Rushika, Zarak
BIOS 120 Jibreel, Kay, Zarak
BIOS 220 Ishan, Maryam
BIOS 222 Deepa, Ishan, Jibreel, Kay, Maryam, Megan
BIOS 312 Megan
BIOS 352 Maryam
BIOS 452 Zarak
BIOS 454 Zarak
CHEM 101 Gautami, Kalyn
CHEM 116 Rushika
CHEM 118 Rushika
CHEM 122 Deepa, Gautami, Ishan, Jill, Kalyn, Kay, Megan, Zarak
CHEM 123 Ishan, Kalyn, Kay
CHEM 124 Deepa, Gautami, Ishan, Jibreel, Jill, Kalyn, Kay, Megan, Zarak
CHEM 125 Ishan, Kalyn, Kay
CHEM 232 Deepa, Ishan, Jibreel, John, Maryam, Megan, Zarak
CHEM 233 Alden, Maryam, Megan
CHEM 234 Ishan, Jibreel, John
CHIN 101 Cindy
COMM 100 Alden
CS 110 Cindy
CS 141 Ameesha
CS 151 Ameesha
CS 211 Ameesha
CS 251 Ameesha
CS 301 Ameesha
ECON 120 Megan, Nha
ECON 121 Megan, Nha
ECON 220 Megan
ECON 300 Thomas
ENGL 122 Kalyn
ENGL 160 Alden, Cindy, Gautami, Kalyn, Maryam
ENGL 161 Alden, Deepa, Gautami, Jill, Kalyn, Kay, Maryam, Megan, Rushika, Zuzanna
FIN 302 Thomas
FIN 310 Thomas
IDS 270 Nha
IDS 472 Thomas
MATH 125 Nha
MATH 165 Nha
MATH 170 Kalyn
MATH 180 Alden, Ameesha, Gautami, Rushika, Thomas, Zuzanna
MATH 181 Alden, Ameesha, Gautami, Thomas
MATH 210 Alexei, Cindy, Thomas
MATH 215 Alexei, Ameesha, Thomas
MATH 220 Alexei
MATH 310 Cindy, Thomas
MCS 260 Thomas
MCS 275 Thomas
PHIL 102 Zarak
PHIL 201 Kay
PHYS 131 Jibreel
PHYS 132 Jibreel
PHYS 141 Alexei, Cindy
PHYS 142 Alexei
PSCH 100 Cindy, Deepa, Ishan, John, Kay, Megan
PSCH 242 Ishan, John, Kay
PSCH 262 Kay, Rushika
PSCH 320 John
PSCH 343 Kay
POLS 101 Zuzanna
POLS 130 Zuzanna
POLS 184 Zuzanna
POLS 200 Zuzanna
SOC 100 Deepa, Kay
SPAN 101 Gautami
SPAN 102 Gautami
SPAN 103 Gautami
SPAN 104 Gautami
SPAN 210 Zuzanna
SPAN 212 Zuzanna
SPAN 303 Zuzanna
STAT 101 Gautami
STAT 381 Thomas
STAT382 Thomas
STAT 385 Thomas
STAT 401 Thomas

Other Tutoring Resources

You are also encouraged to visit other departments’ tutoring resources. Some are instructor-led and course-specific, while others offer peer tutoring. For the time being, the majority of tutoring services are being offered online.

Visit tutoring.uic.edu for descriptions of every tutoring unit on campus and a continuously updated list of all courses for which you can access tutoring at UIC.

Tutor Profiles - More coming soon!

Click on the profiles to learn more about each tutor, including hours & subjects, majors, educational goals, and additional topics they can advise on–including time management and more.