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Capstone Student Handbook

The Capstone Student Handbook is available here in PDF format.

2019-2020 Capstone Student Handbook

Capstone Requirements

The Capstone Project consists of two components: (1) a written portion and (2) a presentation of the research in a public academic, professional, or creative forum.

Capstone Workshop Videos

The following video presentations break down information and best practices about the Honors Capstone Project, as well as how to write a good research abstract and how to design and present a strong research poster.

Honors Capstone Project Presentation

This presentation reviews information and best practices pertaining to the Honors Capstone Project that all Honors students at the University of Illinois at Chicago must complete. Topics covered include looking at the what and the why of the Capstone Project; considering the two required components of the Capstone Project; considering a sample timeline for the Capstone Project; looking at steps for pursuing the Capstone Project; registration and paperwork; and additional possibilities for using the Capstone Project to pursue other prestigious opportunities.

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Abstract Writing Presentation

This presentation reviews information and best practices pertaining to writing a clear, concise, and effective conference abstract. Basic components of a good abstract and an abstract example that demonstrates these components will be considered.

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Poster Design and Presentation Workshop

This presentation reviews information and best practices about how to design and present a good research poster. Elements of strong poster design and examples of good posters will be considered, along with what you should and should not do in order to give a winning presentation of your research.

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Capstones in Specific Disciplines/Areas of Study


Discipline-Specific Information

See discipline-specific information for your Capstone.

Useful Resources

Students may explore faculty expertise and find a match for their area of interest by visiting the Undergraduate Research Experience website. Students interested in science projects may also consult UICollaboratory Research Profiles.

Examples of presentation venues include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Study Abroad and Capstone

There are numerous ways to coordinate a study abroad experience with the Capstone Project. SIT Study Abroad programs are one option. These programs have a set curriculum and are based on the Kolb theory of experiential education, i.e. they require students to integrate what they learn outside of the classroom into their standard academic experience. The Independent Study Project is one way they do this in a credit bearing module. Examples of independent research projects completed by students within these programs can be found on the SIT website. (Projects are listed alphabetically by country).

For more information on the SIT Study Abroad Programs and other study abroad programs, visit the Study Abroad website.


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